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Binary signals trading

The common misunderstanding is that binary signals trading can be done with help of certain experience in the area. There is no any thumb rule of making a profit in binary signals trading. Some people are Publishing about different strategies but I think it will never work. Because Trusted Binary option trading platforms like IQ option depend on Real trading data. So, the behaviour of the graph also depends on particular asset market value. In the case of trading, a Very much Helpful factor is Financial News, Stay updated with financial activity because Trading value graph depends on Asset’s financial status, not on Strategies.

How to minimise trading risks?

Our target is to provide you effective tips which help you to capitalise on your returns. Risk minimization is very important in binary trading. There are few principles aim to help in this area.

  • Never invest all your capital at once.
  • Review the dynamics of your trading asset prior to investing.
  • Exercise the strategy with the demo account or investing just 5 to 10 percent of your equity per placement on the real account.
  • You can invest in both short term and long term strategies for minimising trading risks.
  • You should place a PUT when the price crosses the previous high resistant level and place a CALL when it Crosses the previous low support.

1.Manage Money

You have to take care of money management because you will be the one who decides how much money you want to invest. Making discipline in money management means you have to set how many win and loss each day. make control on yourself to stop trading based on a percentage of win/loss. for example, you have to stop trading when you win 15times/lose 7 times. In a rush of win, more may lose your money.

2.Trade with small amount of money

You should always trade with a small amount of money, no matter how much high ROI rate is. It is dangerous to invest all your capital when the broker offers high ROI of 95%. This is because you won’t make the right decision every time in reality. Trade with small amount can help you to accumulate large profit and minimise your losses.

3.Trade with High out of money rate broker.

Trade your money with you well known of and highest money rate broker. for example, if you trade on gold, You know the behaviour of prices of gold. Gold has money rate about 90% means if your prediction is correct then you will get 90% profit with your capital investment.

4.Bird’s eye view on financial news

If you want to increase your trading power then get in touch with news in the market regularly. You can get an education on binary signal trading by reading blogs, books and watching videos.

5.Select broker with Sell back Features such as IQ option.

Sell back feature means a feature that allows you to end your trade prior to the expiry. For example, If you know your trade is going in the wrong direction and will loose using sell back option you get your capital. IQ option avails this feature. There you can cancel a trade within 3 seconds after purchase, you receive the full amount of your investment instantly.



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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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